Sound Spaces

We design spaces where listening is an unavoidable part of the experience, environments in which sound and music interact with surprising materials and light design. We shape the moods of the audience and capture emotions through multi-sensory brand experiences that create unique moments.

We are specialized in design and acoustic optimization of environments through specific treatments and in the accurate selection of the sound system (also with wireless architecture and smart control). Moreover, we know and exploit every technology to guarantee the best sound experience: generative and dynamic music, installation of interactive multimedia systems and realization of 3D audio experiences in relation to virtual and augmented reality.


retail sound experience

Today’s clients need to buy emotions before purchasing products. We build unique retail spaces, where each detail is tuned to represent the brand values at its best and gain a special spot in customer’s mind.


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We set up art exhibitions, fair booths, products showcase and installations created to present brands, products and services: we create refined moments of entertainment to leave a clear mark in the visitor’s mind.


sound spaces- spazi sonori

We design bars, clubs and music halls where the audience is guided through a fascinating journey in which entertainment is at the center of their experience. We bring visitors to avant-garde locations that blend interior design and art with sounds, lights and special effects.


The Sound of Piraeus Bank

The innovative concept of the e-branch has been underlined through the installation of a modern smart controlled sound system and the compilation of the Piraeus Bank music library.

Project Details

Taking into account the Piraeus Bank’s brand values, brand presence, target groups and the new corporate identity, we developed two main musical themes to present the various facets of Piraeus Bank’s brand personality. These musical themes are used throughout the entire area of the Piraeus e-branches offices. Depending on the time of the day, these themes are either heard alone or in combination with each other.

Porsche Sound Lab

The Porsche pop-up store, styled like a modern record store, is an innovative and interactive way of using multimedia to tell people the story of the brand.

Project Details

In the Soundlab, the heart of the pop-up store, everything revolves around the famous Porsche 911. Visitors can put the car into three different audiovisual situations – and take a virtual drive without even getting into the car. With the aid of an app developed by amp, Porsche lovers have a choice of three scenarios for the Porsche 911, each lasting about 90 seconds: Metropolitan Melody (Miami), Country Cadance (Kaunertaler Gletscherstraße), Racing Rhythm (Nürburgring). Visitors stand in front of a Porsche 911 in the Soundlab and watch the car on its drive by means of 3D mapping on the vehicle and hear it spatially in 7.1 surround sound. Visitors can also have the car running in sport mode.

Villa Zinggeler

With the aim of recreating the magic aura of “Ugly” club, we designed the transformation of the basement of Villa Zinggeler into a flexible environment, able to host performances of musicians and singers for private events.

Project Details

The whole process includes audio equipment planning and installation, acoustic treatment and interior design concept. Evoking the Art Deco soul of Villa Zinggeler, the environment is a contemporary link between the stylistic peculiarities of the building and what happened inside it during the ’70s. The space can be ideally divided into three areas: one for the screening of films and documentaries, one that includes the stage where the musicians can perform and an open area in front of the bar. The chosen “old school” sound system recalls the garages where the young bands used to play, in order to promote the spontaneity of the artists. The stage area is adequately treated to achieve the best acoustic comfort for the musicians (despite the low ceiling), especially working on the cavity walls and stage, where the battery will usually be placed. The wooden ceiling mesh serves as the center around which lights, furniture and design elements are arranged while the carpet-covered floor gives a tactile perception of a unique space.



“We design environments, we generate emotions and shape sensations.”
Fabio Colturri, Founder of Haigō.

Haigō is an interior design studio based in Milan. Through his trained taste in the choice of shapes and materials, they create the “box” to convey brands message and entertain people, whether they are B2C customers, B2B clients, visitors or friends.


“The harmonization of a space is a challenge that I always take with pleasure.”
Gabriele Lombardo, Founder of LSD Studio.

LSD Studio is the firm of Gabriele Lombardo, a visionary architect with a solid experience in the design of bars, clubs and recreational environments. Based in Milan, he spread the originality and uniqueness of his works also in Spain, Russia, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan and Switzerland.