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We help brands develop their own sound, connecting them acoustically with their target and amplifying their values at all points of interaction: from advertising in Radio and TV to digital channels up to sales points and events.

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We provide a tailor-made In-Store Radio system, compiling specific music libraries for each business activity seeking to increase their revenues.

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We design creative solutions in the acoustic, musical and sound fields, from their creation to their final realization.

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We produce sound interfaces that create a truly connected brand experience, translating brand values into voice attributes and customized functional sounds.


Once we have answered the question “how does the brand sound?” and “how does the brand not sound?”, we proceed to create Sound Identity elements using ingredients taken from the brand Sound DNA. This way we are able to cover all audible touchpoints of the brand.

The Sound of UniCredit

The holistic Sound Identity embraces all audible touchpoints of the brand, from digital channels, customer contact centers, apps for mobile banking, brand events and classic ATL communication including TV spots, Radio Spots and the UEFA Champions League sponsorship.

in partnership with

amp sound branding

We are partners of amp, the leading agency in the field of sound branding worldwide.

We are writing together the future of sound branding: from Sound DNA to every audible touchpoint, we are present in all elements of the acoustic brand experience.


We offer a totally innovative streaming system based on an internally designed app that requires an Android tablet to be operational. This way the entire musical programming is conveniently implemented and managed remotely.

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The Sound of Dolder Grand

In order to create a Dolder Grand specific and exclusive sound, we collaborated with their branding team to develop a concept which both incorporates Dolder Grand’s brand values and the profiles of their human archetypes. This concept serves as the basis for the implementation of the “Dolder Grand Music Library” in all the public areas of the hotel.

our music streaming system

brand amperience
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The App of music streaming for stores, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and brand spaces.

Our experience guarantees a customized music selection, organized in time slots that follow the human biorhythm and are totally personalized. We provide both the tablet for streaming and the app that is totally managed via remote, able to update the library and to play music even off-line.


Our production team works both in the recording industry and in advertising, creating a bridge between the two worlds and making the phases of the creative process more effective.

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FRAME presents MINDS: Reshaping Hospitality

During the Milan Design Week 2017, Frame presented “MINDS: Reshaping Hospitality”, a series of conferences and panels where creative people, industry leaders and entrepreneurs spoke about the next steps in the field. To complete the audience experience, we have composed an original soundscape specifically installed in the venue. The soundscape was structured in three scenes, each inspired by the works of Sabine Marcelis installed in the hall and highlighting their peculiarities.


Those touchpoints which require a recognizable and branded voice are becoming increasingly important: augmented and mixed reality experiences and intelligent personal assistants will soon take over the visual interfaces.
Furthermore touchpoints and smart products require functional sounds designed to build trust and enhance the existing relationships with customers. From the sound of a coffee machine, to the automated response of a car, functional sound sets speak their own unique language.

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Hear the Vodafone Experience

How does Vodafone ensure consistency along the customer journey and within their IVR system? We collaborated with the Design Studio of Vodafone Italia to investigate these topics. The research we conducted was insightful – in particular, our investigation on how sound could reduce surfing time and affect the customer mood. We collected precious information on the connection between the brand and the functionality of UX/UI.