Sound Design & Music Production


The sound designer has the ability to create new sounds or compose ex-novo tracks from recorded material and audio libraries. Knowledge in the musical, technical, scientific and acoustic fields bring THEOREM to design with great sensitivity soundtracks for:

1_Video, Spot Advertising, Infographic
2_Movie productions
3_Audio-Video / UI Installations and Interfaces

The next natural step is to apply these skills to the production and publication of single songs or EP for musicians, singers or companies, both in arranging new tracks and in the remix of existing songs.


esperienza Porsche

Composition and mix of the soundscape installed in the Soundlab for “The Sound of Porsche: Stories of the Brand”.

Caiarossa 800x360

Composition and mix of the soundtrack for the official video of the Winery.

ArciGay Bergamo 800x360

Composition and mix of the soundtrack for the spot “Bergamo in campo contro l’omofobia”.

Naba 800x360

Production of songs included in the soundtrack of NABA Final Fashion Show (NABA Campus Naba, 2015) and “GROWING AROUND A SQUARE” Fashion Show (Fashion Center ECNU, Shanghai, 2015)

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