Sound Spaces Design


A customised Radio In Store is the unique and recognisable tool for businesses that intend to differentiate and abandon the use of traditional radios. THEOREM takes care of the entire process, from acoustic survey and acoustic analysis, to the definition of user targets and the relative music library, to the final installation.


It does not count only technology and quality how music and sound are spread, but a library in line with the product influences the behavior of potential customers, also acting on the emotional impacts that affect sales. This interdisciplinary approach enables the development of a sensory marketing and allows the Client to strengthen its communication strategy through new emotional tools.



The Dolder Grand

Implementation of “The Dolder Grand Music Library” in all public areas, The Dolder Grand, Zurich.

The integration of the specific requirements for each environment (lobby, restaurant, lobby, spa) and the “brand values” of the hotel, has created an acoustic identity able to provide a unique experience.

Centro IRO 400x360

IRO Medical Center

Choice and compilation music library played in the studios and the public areas (lobby, gym,etc.) and installation of the music streaming system.

Room Mate Hotels 400x180

Room Mate Giulia

Realization of the Sound Lab where tailored soundscapes accompany Aldo Salucci’s exhibition to provide an immersive experience and organization of the daily performances by young and talented artists in the lobby of the hotel.

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