Music Marketing


THEOREM ability to relate to the customer and sense aspirations and goals goes along with the study of target users, selecting tracks for Sound Environments or Radio In Store.

The operational steps required for this service are:

1_Study and analysis of the reference cluster.
2_Ad hoc creative selection on brief Customer.
3_Search for songs and specific versions.
4_Search for artists and musicians.



Bertoni 1949

“Spring Summer 2016 Collection” presentation by Valigeria Bertoni, Milan, 2015

“Milan Fashion Week 2015” presentation by Valigeria Bertoni, Milan, 2014

Selection Musical Production and ad hoc playlist, starting from the information of the Client and according to the characteristics of the collection.

NABA nuova accademia belle arti di Milano

NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan

“STARDUST” NABA Final Fashion Show, Milan, 2014

“BABYLON” NABA Final Fashion Show, Campus Naba, Milan, 2015

Musical selection and production of ad hoc songs.

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