Composition and mix of the soundscape played in the SoundLab of the “Sound of Porsche: Stories of a band” pop-up store.
Our partner amp GmbH (the agency responsible ofr the entire project) won the Red Dot Communication Design Award 2015. The track is built over the three scenarios: mountain, urbam jungle and racing.


Implementation of “The Dolder Grand Music Library” in all public areas, The Dolder Grand, Zurich.
The integration of the specific requirements for each environment (lobby, restaurant, lobby, spa) and the “brand values” of the hotel, has created an acoustic identity able to provide a unique experience.


The Sound Identity developed for UniCredit includes both the “brand theme” that the sound elements implemented specifically for the different bank-customer interaction points.
A strong and recognizable sound identity allows UniCredit to differentiate themselves and stand on the other bank groups.


Realization of the Sound Lab where tailored soundscapes accompany Aldo Salucci’s exhibition to provide an immersive experience and organization of the daily performances by young and talented artists in the lobby of the hotel.


Concept and Compilation of the Piraeus Bank Music Library with different playlists having regard to the human biorhythm and the different sound zones in the e-branch concept. Audio technical planning for each e-branch.


Creation of the Geberit Music Library and installation of the streaming muic system “Brand Amperience” at the ROOM temporary showroom. Supervision of the Dj set during the official event of the 19.04.2018.

FRAME Magazine

On the occasion of the series of talks MINDS hosted by Room Mate Giulia, Theorem has composed an original soundscape Titled “Three Skins” where each of the scenes is inspired by the artworks of Sabine Marcelis installed in the lobby. Frame has invited designer to transform the space into an open and fresh area for relaxation and contemplation, to be enjoyed by Milan Design Week 2017visitors.


Production of the soundtrack installed for DEEP DOWN LOW exhibition at Haigo concept store during the Milan Design Week 2018.

IRO Medical Center

Choice and compilation music library played in the studios and the public areas (lobby, gym,etc.) and installation of the music streaming system.

CERTAMENTE Italian Neuromarketing Days

Design and production of the official sound logo for Certamente. Concept and compilation of the music library played during the 2017 edition.