Sounds within an environment strongly affect the well-being of people, influencing both their fruition time and their consumption attitude. Listening to non-mainstream music integrates retail experiences of costumers, without diverting their attention.

THEOREM creates and provides a custom In-store Radio for every type of business, focusing on a tailored music selection. We work with hotels, wellness centres, clinics and shops.


Sound Branding

A strong and unique sound identity helps Brands to be recognisable and emerge among the competitors.

Thanks to the proved experience of amp, THEOREM translates brand into sounds, acoustically connects your brand to the right target group and express your brand at every audible touchpoint.

Design Elite, casse acustiche in marmo


The collaboration between Elite Acoustics and THEOREM has resulted in the presentation of “Elite 6.1”. Elite Acoustic is a project focused on the construction of loudspeakers in white marble, slate and green serpentine.

The rigidity of the material gives all models a unique timbre and clarity.


Live Performance & Dj Set

THEOREM manages a roster of emerging artist (djs and musicians), all of them characterized by an electronic and contemporary sound. Their proven experience guarantees an elegant musical entertainment for each type of event.


Sound Design & Music Production

The combination of a more and more attentive listening audience and experiences that involve more and more hearing, creates the need for high-level sound content.

THEOREM produces specific songs for multimedia content (Video, Advertising, Cinema, Infographics, Gaming) and offers sound installations during events. In addition, THEOREM provides competent support during the production and publication of single tracks or EPs.



In the era when communication is condensed, dynamic and flexible, ensuring a quality product quickly is the result of a reliable network of professionals.
THEOREM manages all stages during the production of commercials and “corporate” videos. Technology expertise allows the production of contemporary and unique digital content.

Music Management

First Step
Having a strategic vision of the artistic project.

Second Step
Relying on a single strong and competent figure, able to deal with professionals involved in music business.